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Welcome to the happy and friendly world of Rubens Barn! We create long-lasting friends that children can relate to. We believe in developing children’s empathy through play to help them become compassionate and kind adults. Rubens Barn are Swedish designed, handmade and high quality soft dolls, all with happy unique characters for us who are kids at heart!

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28 Oct

Like a photo? Download it in high resolution!

When you're having a play around our Products page you might find some photo's you like. We hope you do! If you would like it in high resolution, just click on the photo and press the top right download button, and then download it from the new window that opens by rightclicking and choosing "Save Image As".

If you would like to access more photos in one go, just contact us...

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6 Oct

The site is up!

We are delighted and proud to announce our new homepage! We felt our old one didn't correctly mirror us or our dolls, so we hope that you agree that our new home is a big improvement! Our homepage launch comes at a time when we are starting an exciting journey, so get to know us better while you have a look around. Send us a message if you want to know more!

As this is just...

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