Introducing the Rubens Barn Original - The Cuddle Experts

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We proudly present to you Rubens Barn Original. The classic heavyweight cuddle experts of the Rubens family! Kind and compassionate, these handmade dolls love the company of each of us who are kids at heart.


The Rubens Barn Originals were first introduced in 1998 by the Teruko Wahlström and Ewa Jarenskog. These ladies were on a mission to create a unique friend to help children develop their empathy. The friend was to be soft, reliable (durable) and most importantly relatable. The softness and reliability of the dolls are secured through high quality textiles and stuffing. The fabric textures for hair and skin tones contribute to making the dolls relatable to both kids and adults of all ethnicities.

Today the Rubens Barn Original dolls are popular both among kids as well as the elderly and are suitable for people of all ages. They are intended to develop:

- Emotion: role play encourages children to discuss, define and identify feelings

- Empathy: dressing up, interacting and caring for dolls

- Creativity: stimulation of imagination and innovation through play

See the Rubens Barn Original here!


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