An Instant Attachment

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While at the hospital when my son was born, his proud big sister gave him a stuffed toy. This toy has been around for a year yet he’s shown no form of attachment to it. As a mother, I personally made it my mission to try to make him more interested as the thought of his favorite toy being a birth present from his big sister just seemed beautiful. The day he turned one, he received a Rubens Barn doll from his grandmother, aunt and uncle. This time, the attachment was instant! Today little Aspen follows him everywhere as my son hardly lets go of him. One could say that it was love at first sight for which I completely understand my son. His “baby” is incredibly soft and the long arms and legs make it so easy for him to grab and pull Aspen along wherever he crawls.

I’d even like to add that Aspen is almost a copy of my son. The color of his hair and the incredibly beautiful blue eyes make the two very identical.

Story from Stina Noltorp, Sweden

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