A Unique, Developing Friend

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Most of us working at Rubens Barn are parents and so children are a very central part of our everyday life. This means that shaping a kinder future is a goal we naturally strive for while we happen to be working with dolls.

In fact, dolls are the first known toys in human history which have been played with for thousands of years for comfort and for developing children’s emotional intelligence. For this, our mission is to offer a unique and nurturing friend to all children around the world, to help them develop the tools and confidence to shape the future into a kinder one.

To help us achieve this, we rely on three guiding principles: unique, developing, friend. For a Rubens Barn…

UNIQUENESS is seen in the craftmanship of over 100 steps that is put into making a single handmade doll and therefore none looks like the other. The different skin, hair and eye shades represent the beautiful diversity of children around the world.

DEVELOPMENT comes from learning and practicing different emotions with a Rubens Barn. When dressing, interacting and caring for their dolls, children learn empathy and creativity through play.

FRIENDSHIP is created with the help of a realistic appearance, friendly body proportions and a warm affectionate eye contact. A reliable, friend for both girls and boys to last a childhood of play.

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(Part 3/5 of The Story of a Unique, Developing Friend-series)

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