Shaping a Kinder Future from a Father's Eyes

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Meet Kent Moore, CEO at Rubens Barn! Here's his own unique story about Shaping a Kinder Future...

How was your childhood growing up around Rubens Barn?

There were always dolls around the house growing up as my mother used our basement and outside shed for working. There were photoshoots at home with the neighbors’ children, board meetings in the living room and even a (not so popular) doll named Kent after me. Even my friends were involved in moving boxes and furniture from one office to the other.

What did you do before joining RB and how did you end up running the company?

I was a commercial pilot always interested in entrepreneurship! We moved to Dubai with our 2-year-old son and found that the life and mentality in Dubai is very different from the countries that my wife and I grew up in, especially Sweden which we think is one of the most child-friendly countries we’d lived in. In 2015 I was doing some work training in Europe and visited Sweden during the summer and was helping my mother at her company. We spoke a lot about Rubens Barn, as she was looking to retire in the near future. That’s when she asked me if I was interested in taking charge.

What does Shaping a Kinder Future mean to you in your private life?

Our vision really speaks to me. I want to help my three children develop the tools and confidence to shape the future into a kinder one. If they are kind, empathetic and have the tools to explore their curiosities it will bring them confidence. And I hope that with this confidence they will do something where they feel they have a purpose and sense of belonging to shape their future into a kinder one. I hope that I can lead by example.

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(Part 4/5 of The Story of a Unique, Developing Friend-series)

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