Cutie Activity - Cheeky Jennifer

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Meet Jennifer!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

"I'm cheeky. My friends say I’m funny and full of surprises. One time, Emelie and I started giggling until our tummies hurt!"

What about your interests?

"I like to read funny stories. My favorite book has so many jokes, so I always have new ones to tell my friends."

About Cheekiness...

As adults, most of us know the importance of humor. For some, cheekiness can have a less positive meaning. We see it as the ability to laugh at ourselves as well as cheer up others with some fun stories or jokes. Having this skill as a child is a valuable tool to help connect to others. At best, it can be an icebreaker in new settings or unfamiliar situations. It’s truly a gift to be able to take a distance from oneself and see things from a positive angle!

Our Cutie, Jennifer, is just that individual who loves to giggle and surprise her friends once in a while. She likes to wear her unconventionally big red bow paired up with her cheerful yellow dress covered in alphabets to lighten up the mood. How could the rest of the Cuties not be happy around her?

Is your child or someone you know cheeky like Jennifer? How does your child use humor?

We look forward to exploring more about this topic together with Jennifer later during the year. Stay tuned!

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