Cutie Activity - Active Hanna

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Meet Hanna!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

"I'm active. I like to be outside and run around. I never get bored when there’s just so many fun things to do.”

What about your interests?

“Guess what? I love running so fast that my friends Adam and Jennifer find it hard to keep up with me. They try to chase me, but they never catch me!"

Out and about, energetic, not scared to get herself dirty, put all the effort that is needed, cheerful, activating others, spirited

About Activeness...

We see an active person as someone with energy and determination to get things done. They are hands-on and so are not afraid to get their hands dirty. At best, they are good at taking initiative while activating others with their strong drive and passion. An active person is constantly on the go and creative in coming up with things to do.

Our Cutie, Hanna, is just that individual who likes to be out and about in nature and get her friends to move around with her energetic presence. In addition to being athletic, Hanna is good at coming up with creative outdoor activities. If she’s not out helping in the garden, you’ll find her plucking delicious berries in the forest. The other Cuties never run out of fun outdoor activities when she’s around!

Is your child or someone you know active like Hanna? In what different ways does your child use their energy?

We look forward to exploring more about this topic together with Hanna later during the year. Stay tuned!

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