What is Body Positivity?

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We are excited to be discussing children and body positivity in celebration of Body Confidence Day today! It’s a very current topic at a time when our culture still values thin bodies for women and muscular bodies for men.

So, what is body positivity? According to the Body Positivity Movement, it’s an appreciation of uniqueness and individuality of all body types. Body Confidence Day was in fact introduced just three years ago as a movement that challenges societal norms and ideals of ‘the perfect body’.

Academic studies of media and its effects on body image indicate that we live in an image-heavy society online and in person. Body-shaming statistics show that 94 percent of teenage girls have been body shamed while nearly 65 percent of boys reported having had the same experience. Additionally, recent studies on bullying indicate body-shaming comments can leave both mentally and physically lasting impressions on individuals who receive them.

Whether we’re consumed with our appearance, calorie apps or the latest dieting trends, our influence as parents goes beyond ourselves to impacting our relationships and most especially our children who we both verbally and non-verbally communicate our values to.

At Rubens Barn we are eager to challenge these perceptions and ways of talking about bodies to encourage positive attitudes and appreciate individuals beyond their physique. As a team of parents with different stories and relationships to the subject, we hope that the next few blog posts will inspire you as well as us into being body positive parents, friends and role models!

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post where we will be revealing some of our personal experiences and thoughts about body image. In the meantime, share your thoughts, experiences and insights with us here on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK!

What is body confidence to you?


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