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Dress-up is a big part of fun, play and learning. Welcome to have a look at Rubens Barn's colorful doll clothes, outfits and accessories.

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16 Jun

Who is Ruben and what Barn?

It all began in the icy tundra of Norrbotten in Northern Sweden. Deep in the enchanted windswept pine forest, Ruben and his family had a little wooden hut with the closest neighbor taking two days to reach. Despite the piercing cold winter weather, this was a home that always remained warm thanks to Ruben. Not only did he always find joy in maintaining the fireplace, but his...

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8 Jun

The Rubens Barn Family

Having difficulties choosing one? Here's our brief presentation of each family member...

RUBENS BARN ORIGINAL: The classic heavyweight cuddle experts. Suitable for all ages - from children to the elderly (age 3 and up). Read more.

LITTLE RUBENS: The energetic, social and festive younger siblings of the Rubens Barn Originals (age 3 and up). Read more.


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