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Hello! Hej! Bonjour! こんにちは! Rubens Kids open the door to a world of international adventures, play and fun. Explore the world with these modern-day kids from a unique mix of cultural backgrounds.

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25 May

While Longing to be Parents

While waiting and longing to be parents, we got to know a couple also waiting for a child from South Africa just like us. Together we travelled to Stockholm for a children's fair. There we each bought a Ruben's baby for our expected children. They bought Nils and we bought Nora. Two weeks later, they received news of a little boy waiting for them in South Africa. We saw it...

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22 May

Introducing Rubens Baby – The Nurture Dolls

Aren’t they just adorable? Like real babies, Rubens Baby dolls like to be hugged, carried and taken care of. Practice and learn to feed, dress and change the diapers of these anatomically correct baby dolls.


Rubens Baby dolls are the perfect choice for educating future parents or older siblings about nurturing. These handmade baby dolls make for a good...

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