Cutie Activity - Curious Charlie

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Hi Charlie!

Please tell us a bit about yourself!

"I am curious. I always have questions about everything and like to learn new things! It’s fun to try and figure out things all by myself!"

What do you find interesting?

"I love food and trying new tastes. My new favorite is mashed banana mixed with crunchy carrot. What’s yours?"

About Curiosity...

Remember the last time you made an exploration and ended up discovering something new? Well, that was the curious nature in you! It’s a fundamental part of learning. Children are generally curious creatures. They wonder, question and are drawn to new things – some more than others. If a child remains curious, they will continue to explore and discover. The more they explore, the better they become at it. Mastering any skill eventually leads to confidence and in the case of curiosity, an increased eagerness to learn and be creative!

Our Cutie, Charlie, is just that individual who naturally creates an atmosphere of creativity around his friends. His favourite place is the kitchen where he experiments with flavours and comes up with new recipes each time. How could the rest of the Cuties not be inspired around him?

Is your child or someone you know curious like Charlie? How does your child show their eagerness to explore?

We look forward to exploring more about this topic together with Charlie later during the year. Stay tuned!

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