Introducing Rubens EcoBuds - The Friendly Nature Explorers

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Say hello to EcoBuds, Rubens Barn’s first doll in soft organic cotton! EcoBuds love holding hands and exploring the environment, they are nature friendly and would like to be your friend too!


EcoBuds were created with the desire of leaving the world beautiful and diverse for generations to come. For our children and their children to experience the beauty of the world, its animals, nature and people. As our very first dolls in soft organic cotton, the collection is a representation of Rubens Barn's steps on a journey towards sustainability.

These pixie-like tree inhabitants represent the budding of a new generation of eco toys with modern design and tailoring. Made up of four friendly and blooming characters, the EcoBuds family is the perfect choice for the very little ones!

Any christenings, babyshowers or birthdays around the corner? Come see the Rubens EcoBuds here!


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