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Cutie Activity celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of different personalities and interests of children. In addition to shining as individuals, we believe children can learn to shine, play and cooperate in teams when they understand themselves as well as their friends better. In fact, several recent studies in early childhood psychology suggest that most skills for the future are about the ability to work in groups and communicate well. This says a lot about shaping a kinder future!

Follow us this week as we introduce each character one by one and tell about what makes them a unique, developing friend. Can you find your child's personality among the Cuties?


"I'm cheeky. My friends say I’m funny and full of surprises. One time, Emelie and I started giggling until our tummies hurt!

I like to read funny stories. My favorite book has so many jokes, so I always have new ones to tell my friends." More about cheekiness HERE!


"I'm curious. I always have questions about everything and like to learn new things! It’s fun to try and figure out things all by myself!

I love food and trying new tastes. My new favorite is mashed banana mixed with crunchy carrot. What’s yours?" More about curiousity HERE!


"I'm shy. I’m not as chatty as my friend Adam but I like to listen and see what’s going on around me.

I always get fun ideas of things I’d love to build when I watch my friends playing. Right now, I’m building a super-masher for my friend Charlie who’s bananas about bananas!" More about shyness HERE!


"I'm dreamy. I like to travel to my very own imaginary world full of magical creatures. It’s always funny when I forget what’s really going on around me.

I love animals and like to imagine being one myself. My favorite daydream is living a day as a little pink fuzzy cat!" More about dreaminess HERE!


"I'm bubbly. It’s fun to make new friends to talk to. My friends Karin and Jennifer call me a chatterbox because I just have a lot to say.

Want to hear a secret? Well, sometimes when there’s no one else around I paint my very own imaginary friends I talk with." More about bubbliness HERE!


"I'm active. I like to be outside and run around. I never get bored when there’s just so many fun things to do.

Guess what? I really love running and I’m so fast that my friends Adam and Jennifer find it hard to keep up with me. They try to chase me, but they never catch me!" More about activeness HERE!

(Part 5/5 of The Story of a Unique, Developing Friend-series)


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