Cutie Activity - Bubbly Adam

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Meet Adam!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

"I'm bubbly. It’s fun to make new friends to talk to. My friends Karin and Jennifer call me a chatterbox because I just have a lot to say.”

What about your interests?

“Want to hear a secret? Well, sometimes when there’s no one else around I paint my very own imaginary friends I talk with."

About Bubbliness...

Ever heard the saying ‘happiness is contagious’? We see a bubbly person as someone cheerful with the ability to seek attention and initiate social interaction with others both verbally and physically through eye contact and body language. At best, they might show good skills in cooperation and understanding others. With practice, a child can rapidly learn to better read social cues, listen to the point of view of others and empathize with them.

Our Cutie, Adam, is just that individual who knows how to connect to people, entertain his friends and make everyone feel comfortable around him. He really loves painting and so is good at keeping himself busy even when he’s no longer around his friends. The other Cuties just love being around him!

Is your child or someone you know bubbly like Adam? How does your child use their social skills?

We look forward to exploring more about this topic together with Adam later during the year. Stay tuned!

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