Kindness and Independence through Doll Talk

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Meet Gigi, mother behind the Instagram account Wifey G! Gigi is from Ontario, Canada and a mother to 1,5-year-old Faith. The family is international and multilingual, speaking both English and Cantonese as a result of having roots from Hong Kong. We asked her to share with us her thoughts about raising Faith to learn empathy. Here’s what she had to say:

Children often express emotions and thoughts while playing with dolls that they might not be able to convey using words. It helps them become more independent and able to better deal with emotions, learning language, getting along with others and building confidence.

Before Faith was born, I didn’t believe a doll could do such things till I started seeing Faith playing and talking with them. I love watching Faith talk to her dolls. She is generally a very shy child by nature but through playing with her doll, I have noticed her gaining more confidence to interact with children at the play center. It's such an interesting dynamic!

If you are inspired by Gigi, like we are, follow her at @wifey.g to connect with her!

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