The Soul of Rubens Barn

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While Rubens Barn was initially founded with the belief that children shouldn’t be hurried out of their childhood, there was still a need to explain what Rubens Barn truly represented. We would get beautiful stories of children being comforted in difficult situations or becoming more empathetic through caring for their new friend. This gave the sense that their Rubens were being given a soul.

At the same time, we within the Rubens Barn team were aware of a rapidly evolving society that was in some ways becoming less kind and compassionate. As parents we were motivated by what a Rubens Barn friend represented to many. But how would we describe this?

We decided to sit down together to share our thoughts and summarize both our own and others' definitions and experiences to come up with a goal to continue working in the right direction. The result was crystallized into a single vision:

Shaping a Kinder Future

More about the vision HERE!

(Part 2/5 of The Story of a Unique, Developing Friend-series)

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