Rubens Barn DIT Finalists 2018

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This spring we were glad to launch our most exciting social media campaign called Do It Together (D.I.T.) to encourage children and parents to engage in a creative activity together by designing outfits with personality for the Rubens Cutie dolls. We were glad to receive 70 + Instagram and Facebook entries!

Three finalists were nominated from the 3 following categories:

  1. Interest & Hobby
  2. Creative upcycling
  3. Nature

The finalists were (in order of left to right from photos above):

  1. Carla @gori.carla (Instagram) for Nature
  2. Lisa @lisafowler_9 (Instagram) for Interest & hobby
  3. Pauline @polinemma (Instagram) for Creative upcycling

We also had an additional comeptition for Spanish onlineshop, Tutete,for which the win went to Vanessa @vanessa_costura with her lovely "Me and you" twinning-outfit in the photo below.

All four finalists will be continuing with us in developing new characters in the months to come. Stay tuned as there will be plenty of chances to follow and join the process!

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