Kindness through Confidence

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Meet Nat, mother behind the blog Nat the Natural Mom! Nat is from Florida and a mother to 1,5-year-old Delilah. If you ask her anything about breasfeeding, Disney or body positivity, you'll be sure to get her discussing passionately about any of the three topics. We asked her to share with us her thoughts about raising Delilah to be empathetic. Here’s what she had to say:

I love this time of year, the magic in the air, the cheerful music and beautiful colors. Something about Christmastime just makes my heart flutter. Being a mom and watching this magical season through my child’s eyes makes it even better but we work really hard to teach Delilah that the holidays aren’t just about Santa and presents.

This season is about giving, love and family, about spending time together, making memories that will last for years to come. We believe in love, respect, and equality. We do our best to instill these values in our daughter while teaching her how to be empathetic and understanding of those around her.

Which is why we love Rubens Barn so much. Delilah loves her Daisy doll from the EcoBuds collection and she usually spends large chunks of her day reading to her.

I realize that the act of reading aloud (even if it is just toddler nonsense) is helping her develop her language skills while giving her a sense of confidence.

If you are inspired by Nat, like we are, follow her at @natthenaturalmom to connect with her!

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